[PHOTOS] 10 Phenomenal Photographs That Encapsulate Chicago’s Autumnal Beauty

Elliot McGowan Elliot McGowan

[PHOTOS] 10 Phenomenal Photographs That Encapsulate Chicago’s Autumnal Beauty

There are few cities more pleasing to the eye than Chicago in fall!

The sheer beauty and unique charm of the Windy City have long taken people’s breath away. Four distinct seasons make sure Chicago’s identity shifts throughout the calendar with each offering something entirely different to the last. It’s during fall, however, when the city’s aesthetics undoubtedly peak as a hundred shades of autumnal color befall the city as fall foliage and crisp autumn air sweep through Chicago.

Despite its ephemerality, you always know that with fall Chicago will offer up some truly remarkable sights transforming parks and riversides into prismatic displays of autumnal hues ranging from crimson to canteloupe. It’s a magical season and Chicago’s photographers rightly can’t get enough.

We love nothing better than perusing through the many picturesque snaps that the talented photographer of our great city provide and so, in no particular order, we’ve picked out some of our favorite fall-themed photos of Chicago!





[Featured image from Instagram / @cdats]

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