Celebrate Chicago’s 183rd Birthday By Donating To This History Museum

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Celebrate Chicago’s 183rd Birthday By Donating To This History Museum

183 looks good on Chicago!

March 4 marks the 183rd anniversary of the city of Chicago being incorporated in 1837. Our city has quite a lengthy history and to celebrate the Chicago History Museum wants to raise $50,000 to continue its work of preserving and teaching the history of the windy city.

Founded in 1856, the Chicago History Museum is the city’s oldest cultural institution and serves as both a museum and research center. The museum’s mission is to share the stories that influenced Chicago, inspire its guests, and facilitate civic engagement. It has a number of fascinating exhibits including “Chicago: Crossroads of America,” “Remembering Dr. King: 1929 – 1968,” “Lincoln’s Chicago,” and “Facing Freedom in America.”

Photo courtesy of Chicago History Museum

“History is nonstop, and as our city keeps pulsing, it’s our job to preserve and share the stories that define and redefine Chicago,” the museum posted on its giving page. “We strive to be a museum that represents the moments, iconic and small, and the people, well-known and unknown, that make up our shared history. The city you love deserves a world-class museum that inspires, provokes, and delights.”

If preserving history is important to you, consider donating to the museum for Chicago’s birthday. Your contribution helps the museum continue to preserve and share the history of our city. As of publication, $12,025 has been raised of its 50,000 goal. You can find out more about Chicago and the history museum on the Chicago History Museum’s website.

Feature photo courtesy of The Chicago History Museum.

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