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Will you escape these puzzling rooms or perish trying?

Escape rooms are a fun and exciting way to exercise your puzzle-solving and teambuilding skills. Chicago has several dynamic, thrilling escape room adventures perfect for a special event or just a fun night out with friends or coworkers. Some of our favorite escape rooms come from Fox in a Box, a premium escape room company located near Grant Park.

An escape room is an interactive experience where you and your friends or coworkers are locked in a themed room and have to work together to solve puzzles in order to escape. The concept makes a great teambuilding event for companies or is a unique birthday party idea. The concept has taken the world by storm with thousands of escape rooms worldwide.

Fox in a Box is Chicago’s number one escape room and the world’s second-best, according to the company’s website. They offer a number of themed challenges including Bank, Zodiac, Prison, and Bunker. The rooms are completely immersive and almost have a role-playing vibe to them with engaging stories behind each room, which can accommodate up to six people.


This escape room challenges you to take on the persona of professional thieves hell-bent on breaking into the vaults. You must quickly work together while the bank’s security system is offline. You only have an hour to retrieve valuable diamonds from the bank manager’s safe and get out before you’re caught. Book here!



prison escape room

If you are caught stealing from the bank, you might want end up in this escape room, where you and your fellow detainees must work together to break out of a maximum-security prison. As a riot breaks out in another prison block, you have the perfect chance to escape. Act quickly though because you only have 60 minutes before one of the guards notices you escaping. Book here!



zodiac escape room

This is Fox in a Box’s scariest escape room. You and your friends have been captured by a serial killer, tied up, and left in his lair. Your capturer’s method is eerily similar to the infamous Zodiac killer (or perhaps the real Zodiac has returned!) Escape is your only chance of survival and you only have 60 minutes before your fate is sealed. Participants must be at least 18 years old to play. Book here!



In this escape room you and your friends have time-traveled to 1970s Cold War America. Mr. Fox, a double agent for the US and Russia, has disappeared and his bunker containing nuclear warhead codes has been infiltrated. A missile launch sequence has been initiated and will destroy the planet in 60 minutes if you don’t stop it. Work together with your friends to abort the launch and save the world! Book here!

Escape rooms make for exciting, unforgettable experiences. Book your next event at Fox in a Box now!

Note: Zodiac can be triggering for survivors of violence, sexual assault, and/or domestic abuse. Book at your own discretion. 

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