Chicago Drive-In Theater Will Begin Screening Films At Seat Geek Stadium In Bridgeview

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Chicago Drive-In Theater Will Begin Screening Films At Seat Geek Stadium In Bridgeview

Screenings start this Thursday, June 11, with a feature of The Goonies at 8:30 pm.

While a little road trip down to Gibson City for a drive-in movie doesn’t seem like a bad plan at all once every while, it would be nicer for Chicagoans to have a theater that was more local to the Windy City. And that’s just what’s happening with the Chicago Drive-In Theater screenings at Seat Geek Stadium in Bridgeview.

In person cinemas might unfortunately be out of the question for a while. With that being the case, cinephiles around the country are taking advantage of their retro counterparts by parking their cars in open lots, tuning their radios, and getting their film fix the old fashioned way at drive-in theaters.

Chicago Drive In, according to their website, “is a newly founded operation to help you get some fun while social distancing. We are extremely excited to bring you this project in the hopes that we may all salvage some summer fun together!”

While the screenings are outdoor and open air, the cinema company is taking precautions in making the drive-in as safe as possible, including:

  • Social distancing of 6 feet
  • Must wear a mask if within 6 feet of another patron
  • Patrons cleaning up after themselves to limit the interaction of the cinema’s staff clean-up crew

Chicago Drive-In plans to screen movies seven days a week beginning this Thursday with The Goonies. Their films will be projected on a 70-foot screen while the audio is broadcasted on FM radio. Tickets running from $30 t0 $50 depending on where you park. The stadium parking lot can fit up to 300 cars, but each vehicle can have as many people as legally possible.

Later this weekend, Chicago Drive In will feature Honey, I Shrunk The Kids along with Trading Places. Saturday’s screenings will include Spider-Man Far Fro Home as well a midnight showing of The Blues Brothers. On Sunday, visitors can see a screening of The Sandlot at 8:30 pm.

While at this moment, the Chicago Drive In is limiting their screenings to the Seat Geek Stadium in Bridgeview, their website has announced that a drive-in will soon be coming to Chicago.

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