Chicago Bars And Breweries Will Reopen This Wednesday, Lakefront Trail To Reopen June 22

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Chicago Bars And Breweries Will Reopen This Wednesday, Lakefront Trail To Reopen June 22

Bars and breweries in Chicago will be allowed to reopen for outdoor service this week.

Continuing in its gradual reopening, the City of Chicago will permit bars and breweries to reopen for outdoor service this Wednesday, while Lakefront Trail will follow on June 22.

Chicagoans will have even more reason to go outside in the coming month. Earlier today, Millennium Park reopened to the public, following the reopening of most parks and libraries, Navy Pier, and The Riverwalk.

“We are thrilled to be taking these long-awaited steps forward in reopening our city by safely bringing our bars back online with outside service, and, of course, taking our first, cautious move toward reopening our beloved lakefront,” said Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

“Though we still have a long way to go before life fully returns to normal, we are able to make  these important steps thanks to the commitment and collaboration with our local businesses who have been true partners throughout this unprecedented crisis, as well as our fellow Chicagoans who have done their part to keep their communities protected by being responsible and preventing the spread of this disease.”

In line with the city’s “cautious reopening” of public amenities, the Lakefront Trail will reopen Monday, June 22, only for the use of public exercise. That is, those who “keep it moving” — be it rollerblading, walking, jogging, or cycling.

When it reopens, the Lakefront Trail will be monitored by the Office of Emergency Management and Communication along with the Chicago Police to ensure that regulations are upheld. Half of the trail will remain closed.

Lightfoot cautioned that if the city were to see a spike in cases, that she would withhold from reopening the trail.

According to Dr. Allison Arwady, the city is on track to reopen even more of its facilities on July 1, which would see the opening of museums, indoor dining, and gyms.

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