The Cast Of Lord Of The Rings Will Reunite In A Livestream Event

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The Cast Of Lord Of The Rings Will Reunite In A Livestream Event

The fellowship will return once again for a livestream interview with Josh Gad.

Was Andy Serkis’s full-reading of the Hobbit: A Journey to Middle Earth and Back Again not enough for you Tolkien fans? Well, this weekend you’ll be able to see a few more familiar faces as your favorite hobbits, elves, and wizard will reunite once again for Reunited Apart: The Lord of the Rings, this Sunday, May 31.

In a recently released video on his Youtube channel, Josh Gad — the actor, writer, producer — portrayed his perilous quest in reuniting the fellowship of actors behind Lord of the Rings. It turns out, the quest wasn’t so perilous after all.

Gad first began the call with actor, Sean Astin, in which he timidly pitched the idea of tracking down some members of the cast, reminding Astin of the treacherous feats in which their fellowship had to overcome to the destroy the most powerful ring of them all.

Soon thereafter Elijah Wood popped into the chat, that which would soon feature the likes of Dominic Monaghan — the actor who portrayed Merry in the trilogy — as well partner-in-crime Billy Boyd, and Orlando Bloom who had just come back from looking at himself in the mirror.

Just before the cast would make its decision, Ian McKellen popped in to confirm the reuniting before signing off with a glass of wine.

The livestream event will take place this Sunday at 11 am CDT.

The event will probably only stoke the flame of excitement for Lord of the Rings fans who undoubtedly are in eager anticipation of Amazon’s new prequel series set to be released on Amazon Prime by 2021.

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