This Chicago Sweet Shop Is Hosting A Halloween Contest To Find The Best Candy Delivery Device

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This Chicago Sweet Shop Is Hosting A Halloween Contest To Find The Best Candy Delivery Device

Can candy chutes stop the Coronavirus pandemic from ruining our Halloween?

Halloween this year is going to be a little trickier than usual. With Coronavirus still looming large around the country, many will be forced to reevaluate how they ensure a safe but spine-chilling Halloween. Traditional trick-or-treating is too high of a risk in the current times. Hordes of kids going door to door, pressing doorbell after doorbell, retrieving treats from neighbors, and all the while trying to remember to maintain the 6-foot social distancing rule just sounds like a COVID storm in the making. So what can we do?

Luckily the week before October 31 is when people are at their most inventive and go all-in on creative costumes and dazzling decorations.  Well, this year those efforts are being joined by creative, pandemic-friendly ways of delivering candy to trick-or-treaters and one Chicago sweets store is keeping the Halloween spirit alive with a contest that encourages the creation of effective candy delivery systems.

Andersonville’s George’s Ice Cream and Sweets down on 5306 North Clark Street has launched a Candy Delivery System Invention Contest that will be decided on the morning of Halloween. The event calls for all inventors of all ages to come up with fun and creative ways to deliver candy from doors or windows to an awaiting candy bucket that must be at least six feet away. Submissions should include videos or photos of each invention and can be sent to gics5306@gmail.com by Friday, October 30 at 17:00 PM.

The winning candy delivery engineer (or engineers) for the most inventive, socially distanced trick-or-treating system will be announced on Halloween morning Saturday, October 31, at 11 AM. What’s the award we hear you ask? Five pints of ice cream.

So far inventions have included pipes fixed to porch banisters, pulley systems taking sweets from front doors to gates, and remote control vehicles making supply runs across the lawn. So what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking caps, grab your materials, and get resourceful. But remember! Submissions must allow candy to travel safely from a distance of six feet or more.

Here is some inspiration:

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