Interactive Gaming Meets Social Drinking In This Ingenious ‘Gaming Under The Influence’ Experience

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Interactive Gaming Meets Social Drinking In This Ingenious ‘Gaming Under The Influence’ Experience

Victory or defeat will be decided by an online audience.

A new interactive gaming experience has arrived in Chicago offering a never-before-seen fusion of the past and the present.

Avid gamers among you will likely reminisce of gaming’s glory days when hours were spent contesting those most competitive cutting-edge classics. When games like Mario Kart caused unparalleled pandemonium, Tekken trained supersonic dexterity, and NBA Jam formed formidable two-on-two partnerships that bordered on the telepathic.

Now, thanks to Panic Escape Room, the new BYOB Private Interactive Game Show experience offers you a nostalgic trip through time with the amenities and capabilities of the modern-day.

In this Black Mirror-style activity known as Gaming Under The Influence Experience (GUIX), you’ll be pitted against your friends (cage-match style) in your very own live streaming interactive game show.

Choosing from a variety of classics you and your friends can compete with the outcome in the hands of an omnipotent online audience.

The fast-paced, 21st-century take on gaming transcends the one-dimensional screen experience of days gone by and offers a whole new approach to gaming.

The best part? BYOB rules. Grab your boldest buddies and your most beloved beverages and let the games begin! It’s time to settle who’s the undisputed king of Super Mario Kart in front of a live audience. From Twitch streamers to non-gamers, anyone and everyone can enter the cage to claim victory.

Tickets for up to 8 people can be bought for one-hour time slots between 12 pm – 11 pm and ID is required for those bringing their own beverages.

Remember, you’ll be able to choose from games like Super Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat 2, Marble Madness, NBA Jam, Quake 2, Super Mario Kart, Sonic 2, Tekken 3, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, and more. So you might want to brush up on your button-bashing abilities before you do battle in front of an audience!

Get your tickets to the BYOB Private Interactive Game Show here.


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