Broadview Street Is Now Reserved For Patio Dining

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Broadview Street Is Now Reserved For Patio Dining

The Make Way For Diners program has begun pilot phase with Broadview Street in Lakeview.

Since June 3, restaurants across the city have been allowed to reopen for patio dining. However, many restaurants in Chicago don’t offer patio seating. As such, the city has decided to close off a number of streets so that local restaurants can reopen accordingly.

From noon — 10 pm on Friday, and 11 am — 10 pm on Saturday and Sunday, Broadview Street will be closed off to traffic and reserved for pedestrians and nearby restaurants to set up for patio dining.

Accordingly, 32 restaurants in Lakeview will be able to reopen for patio dining, those include: Avenue Tavern, Buena Vista Restaurant, Chilam Billem, Crisp, DryHop Brewers, Roebuck Pizza, Stella’s Diner, Wilde Bar & Restaurant, and more.

Late last month, the city planned to open up 6 streets for outdoor dining, but has decided to hold off until later this month. Those streets include:

  • 75th Street in Chatham, Calumet Avenue to Indiana Avenue
  • 26th Street in Little Village, Central Park to Harding Avenue
  • Taylor Street near West Side, Loomis Street to Ashland Avenue
  • Rush Street in Rush and Division, Oak Street to Cedar Street
  • Randolph Street in West Loop, Expressway to Elizabeth Street

In the last week, the city has reopened up a number of other amenities in the city, including libraries, most parks, Navy Pier, and, as of today, the Chicago Riverwalk. Vendors and eateries at the Riverwalk have also reopened, but first require customers to make a reservation.

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