You’ll Soon Be Able To Cruise Around Bora Bora On These Eco-Friendly Floating Villas

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You’ll Soon Be Able To Cruise Around Bora Bora On These Eco-Friendly Floating Villas

Now this, this is paradise!

Gone are the days of struggling to choose between a cruise and a beach holiday, because one boat charter company is combining the two. These eco-friendly solar catamarans – known as overwater bungalows – mean you can be sitting at the dining table one moment, and swimming in the lagoon the next. Oh, and did we mention that these fab fancy boats will be cruising exclusively around the jaw-dropping island of Bora Bora? [Featured image: @elytchartertahiti]

[ELYT Charter Tahiti]
Yep, to find these amazing boats, you’ll need to head to the tropical lagoons of French Polynesia and spend a week or two in tranquil luxury. Doesn’t it just sound awful? The catamarans, which are being designed and built by ELYT Charter Tahiti, essentially function as self-contained villas, with a lounge, bar, four double bedrooms, outdoor barbecue, kitchen, and a sun terrace where you can top up your tan. Each boat has been designed to host a maximum of eight passengers, and whilst they’ll initially be used as stationary villas, you’ll eventually be able to hire a dedicated skipper to cruise around the lagoon.

[ELYT Charter Tahiti]
Because Bora Bora is an ancient volcanic island surrounded by coral reefs, the waters here are calm and inviting, with shades of azure, turquoise, and aquamarine enticing you in for a swim and a snorkel. The only downside is that tearing yourself away from this absolute paradise at holiday’s end is likely to prove rather difficult.

[ELYT Charter Tahiti]
ELYT Charter Tahiti have drawn on the Tahitian way of life to design the catamarans, as French Polynesia has a proud traditional of canoeing and kayaking. Better still, they won’t harm the fragile ecosystems and pristine waters that make Bora Bora a world-famous travel destination, as the floating villas are entirely solar-powered. That means no noisy engines or polluting smoke ruining the pristine serenity of the island!

Though the website indicates that the boats were initially set to launch on July 1, we’re still waiting to see them cruise around the lagoon. However, it looks as if they’ll be gracing the waters very soon (the current rumour is early 2021), and with international travel a dwindling prospect, it means you’ll likely have plenty of time to save up for your visit. At a reported 1500 euros per night though, you might need to be extra thrifty…

Find out more about ELYT Charter Tahiti and their floating villas here.

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