Assemble Your Most Able Amigos For Bocce And Beer!

Elliot McGowan Elliot McGowan

Assemble Your Most Able Amigos For Bocce And Beer!

Warning: There will be beer shed on the battlefield.

On October 24 & 25 two of humankind’s greatest leisurely creations unite in a unique Bocce Tournament hosted by Chicago’s American Bocce Co. Hone your skills and assemble your craftiest friends for a beer-filled battle of accuracy and finesse. Artifact Event’s stunning, historic courtyard will be the arena for this feisty face-off and there’s no place more appropriate.

Dating back as far as 5200 B.C. Bocce revolves around getting your set of 4 balls as close as possible to a little white ball called the Pallino. It was played by men, women, and children of the Roman Empire wherever they could find space. The game, now also known as British Boules and Pétanque, was originally for the lower classes and very nearly ceased to be when noblemen of ancient Italy kept getting hit in the knees! Centuries later and Italy’s second favorite sport was such a popular pastime that in 1319 A.D. it flipped and was banned to lower classes because people were so addicted it diverted attention away from more essential tasks!

The first Bocce Olympiad was held in Athens in 1896 and Bocce has become an international sport ever since with events in the Special Olympics and international teams across Europe. Artifact Event’s charming stone courtyard might not boast the spectacle of an Olympic stadium but this 3,600 sq ft private patio makes for a sensational stage for both Bocce beginners and bold boules veterans.

Forget about the turmoil of 2020 and roll back the years to Ancient Rome. Surround yourself with stone columns and competitive camaraderie while you sip at some cutting-edge craft beers!

Each player will be given a selection of seasonal craft beers to accompany their athletic adventure and additional snacks and drinks will be available for purchase!

So grab your favorite fall sweater, choose your company wisely, and come with a fun team name prepared. Bocce pros will be waiting with your beer in hand to help guide your team through the bracket-style tournament. All are invited whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. But remember, look alive because there will be beershed on the battlefield. More information can be found here!

Practical information

October 24 & 25
$275.00 per team
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