A Massive Black Lives Matter Street Mural Has Been Painted In Uptown

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A Massive Black Lives Matter Street Mural Has Been Painted In Uptown

Chicago gets a second Black Lives Matter street mural and its absolutely beautiful!

Over the weekend Uptown became the home of Chicago’s second BLM street mural that involved a collaboration of a team of incredible local artists.

In late July, organizers and volunteers collaborated on painting Chicago’s first BLM street mural in South Shore. Organized by former candidate for Alderman of the 5th ward, William Calloway, and headed by artist, Quentin Crockett, the Chicago-style street mural involved around 250 volunteers to paint the street on Jeffery Boulevard between 70th and 71st.

“We’ve seen people come together and unite around the concept of Black Lives Matter. In some ways, it was therapeutic for so many of us to be able to gather with our family, friends, and neighbors to paint. For some, it was the first social gathering they’ve done since the pandemic,” said Calloway at the time.

After ill-timed rainfall, the mural unfortunately did not remain for long. However, over 18 artists came together over the weekend to create another magnificent art piece in Uptown on Clifton Avenue.

As you can see from the photos, the letters are big, bold, and colorful — many of which appear as their own mini-murals. The letterings were provided by Heart & Bones Signs, with each of the 16 letter painted in by a separate artist, including: Jc Rivera, Darius Dennis, Amy Lee, David Najib Kasir, Keith Smith, and more — all showcasing a variety of vibrant styles. In addition to volunteering their efforts in its creation, the artists also financed the installation.

The painting of the mural coincided with Uptown’s Art Weekend, which featured over 100 pieces of new and existing artwork around the neighborhood. You can view the public artworks through their website’s interactive map.

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