20 Gorgeous Chicago Instagram Accounts To Brighten Up Your Feed

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On the search for Chicago’s best Instagram accounts? Here’s a start…

With iconic views like ours, Chicago was born to be Instagram-famous, and countless photographers have been inspired by the city’s architecture. Aside from our own Instagram account curating our fave shots of the city, here are 20 Chicago-area Instagrammers worth following right now. (Someone we’ve missed? Drop us a DM!)

1. mmeyers776

Best Chicago Instagram Accounts
Photo: Mike Myers, Instagram

Mike Meyers is a Chicago-area photographer, SonyAlpha ambassador and administrator of gothic Insta-community The Dark Pr0ject. On his personal account, he shares his shots of the city and travels further afield. Follow him here!

2. nickcrvwford

Chicago instagram accounts to follow
Photo: Nick Crawford, Instagram

Nick Crawford’s 77,000 Instagram followers enjoy sweet shots from across the city streets. Join them here!

3. agirlaboutchicago

Chicago food instagram account
Photo: A Girl About Chicago, Instagram

Hungry? Sarah Yi’s Instagram account, @agirlaboutchicago, features some of the city’s most mouthwatering dishes and cosy interiors, perfect for inspiring your next dinner date. Join her 37,000 followers here.

4. mattbweitz

Chicago street photograph
Photo: Matt Weitz, Instagram

Matt Weitz documents our gorgeous city as it changes through the seasons, making his Instagram account one of the most liked and commented in Chicago. Click here to follow.

5. lens.of.em

Instagram Chicago
Photo: lens.of.em, Instagram

Gorgeous shots of the Windy City abound on Emily Harwood’s Instagram account, Lens of Em.

6. andrew_glatt

Chicago Instagrammers Best
Photo: Andrew Glatt, Instagram

When the skies open, Andrew Glatt heads out with this camera, specialising in melancholy, muted shots on rainy, cloudy and snowy days. Pretty though! Follow him here.

7. gh_chapman

Street Photography in Chicago
Photo: Graham Henry Chapman, Instagram

Graham Henry Chapman captures eye-catching street scenes and moments of urban zen, amassing 44,000 admirers on Instagram in the process. Check out his account.

8. a.m.bayard

Night Court
Photo: André Bayard, Instagram

Deftly composed and strikingly geometric takes on Chicago’s urban fabric are the order of the day on André Bayard’s Instagram account, with over 40,000 fans on the platform. Follow along here.

9. chicagoismyboyfriend

Chicago Bookshop Instagram
Photo: chicagoismyboyfriend, Instagram

Shelley Jacobs is ‘always on a date with Chicago’, but lucky for us, she’s willing to share him. Follow her popular Instagram account to discover awesome new places to explore, from cute stores and cafés to restaurants and bars.

10. joselivinup

Chicago Skyline Urban Explorers
Photo: Joselivinup, Instagram

This heartstopping Instagram account, from the founder of the sparks-and-smoke-filled Windy City Spinners, boasts dramatic angles, saturated colours and rooftop views of Chicago. Click here to see more.

11. knacqua

Chicago backstreets
Photo: Nick Acquaviva, Instagram

Surprising symmetries, striking sunsets and shiny puddles are just a few of the aesthetically satisyfing scenes you’ll find on Nick Acquaviva’s pleasing Instagram account.

12. barrybutler9

Chicago Fall Bridge Raising
Photo: barrybutler9, Instagram

Professional landscape photographer and remote pilot Barry Butler shares beautiful daily shots of Chicago with his 29,000 followers – join them here.

13. acegrl

Chicago photography instagram
Photo: acegrl, Instagram

Creative entrepreneur Ashley Poynter shares her views of the city on her @acegrl account, often in dramatic black and white. Check it out here!

14. ionu_t_z

Chicago drone photograph Instagram
Photo: ionu_t_z

Drone photographer Ionut Lupu captures stunning shots of Chicago from above, and the results are truly something to behold. See more of his photography here.

15. nite0wlz

Urban Photography In Chicago Insta
Photo: nite0wlz, Instagram

On Ken Stokes Instagram, hyper-saturated tones and daring digital edits turn Chicago street views into something altogether more futuristic – and frankly, we’re here for it. Find more on Instagram.

16. visuals.by.jack

Instagram Photo Chicago Fireworks
Photo: visuals.by.jack, Instagram

Aged just 17, photographer Jack Gillespie already has 18.8k followers on his @visuals.by.jack Instagram account, and it’s chock-full of luscious Chi-town imagery. Give him a follow here.

17. blightside

Flooded abandoned basement
Photo: blightside, Instagram

And now for something completely different. The Chicago-based @blightside account, run by an anonymous photographer, explores and reveals hidden and abandoned spaces in the city and far beyond. (And no, they aren’t telling you where to find them) Always totally intriguing – follow here.

18. sekrety

Chicago glass floor handstand
Photo: sekrety, Instagram

Another fine account celebrating the architecture and angles of Chicago, boasting over 10,000 followers. Follow it here.

19. toomanyshots

The Best Instagram Accounts In Chicago
Photo: toomanyshots, Instagram

No DSLR, no problem. Follow @toomanyshots for Johnny’s fabulous shots of Chicago, all taken on a Pixel 3a or Galaxy Note 10+. Impressive stuff, you’ll we’re sure you’ll agree.

20. erikmarthaler

Day of the Dead Chicago
Photo: Erik Marthaler, Instagram

With nearly 30,000 Instagram followers, Erik Marthaler’s Instagram account is one of the most popular city, with a mix of portraiture, landscape, and travel filling his feed. Join in the fun here.

And of course, for daily Chicago inspiration, don’t forget to follow Secret Chicago on Instagram! (Know someone we should add? Slide into our DMs…)

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