Enjoy A Wholesome Autumnal Afternoon Kicking Back With Playful Goats And Craft Beer Tasting

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Enjoy A Wholesome Autumnal Afternoon Kicking Back With Playful Goats And Craft Beer Tasting

Come for the goats, stay for the beer!

Some days you just need some one-on-one time with a pasture full of adorable goats, you know?

Experience the pinnacle of wholesomeness by hanging out with the billy kids over at GlennArt Farm and afterward, double down on those warm fuzzy feelings with a selection of craft beers on the rooftop of One Lake Brewing for this exclusive Brews n ‘Baahhs’ beer tasting experience!

So grab a ticket and escape to the idyllic pastoral setting of GlennArt Farm. Here, you’ll enjoy an hour of hanging out with their playful and adorable goats. Once playtime is over, you’ll head over to One Lake Brewing for your choice of 4 craft beers at One Lake Brewing.

Once at One Lake’s rooftop, you’ll be treated to a free first flight which invites you to taste 4 of their house-made rotating craft beers! You can choose from their sensational selection of seasonal beers and create your own flight.

  • Black is Beautiful – 5.7% abv
    German black beer made with five unique malts – lightly roasty with hints of chocolate.
  • Oscar Milde – 4.2% abv
    Classic, easy drinking English mild ale showcasing a complex grain bill.
  • Blonde at 40 – 4.0% abv
    Light American blonde ale with Pacific Northwest dry hop additions
  • Ferme La Bouche – 5.2% abv
    American cream ale using a variety of grains with a light touch of Slovenian hops
  • Celistial – 5.7% abv
    Belgian witbier spiced with two kinds of orange rind, cracked coriander and grains of paradise – dry and refreshing
  • Olb Lager Beer – 5.6% abv
    Olbs version of the classic everyday American backyard lager. concentrating on fresh ingredients and our craft, we hope this version evokes and amplifies good memories
  • Lando – 8.2% abv
    A juicy and plentiful American hop mix burst out of this IPA
  • Rye Not? – 9.2% abv
    Rye IPA, bracing hop backbone, carmel-ly, strong and dry
  • Will Robinson – 11.1% abv
    Belgian triple – pale and golden, dry and light – these aspects disguise the alcohol content. refreshing effervescent and bright.

This is a private experience reserved for your group of 2 – 6 people. Goat Chill & Beer Flight group tickets start at $85 for 2 people. Brews n ‘Baahhs’ sessions are available between 3 and 7 pm and will be running throughout fall. Ticket buyers must be 21 or older.

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