New Measure Mandates That Bars And Restaurants That Serve Alcohol Close At Midnight

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New Measure Mandates That Bars And Restaurants That Serve Alcohol Close At Midnight

Effective immediately, bars and other establishments that sell alcohol must close by midnight.

Earlier today, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced a new measure that  forces establishments that sell alcohol to close by midnight for the time to come.

Presently, the standing law in Chicago dictates that bars and restaurants have to cease the sell of alcohol at 11 p.m., with the sale of to-go cocktails shutting off at 9 p.m.

Lightfoot’s new imposed closing time is an effort for the city to curb its number of COVID-19 cases as the city continues in its reopening efforts. Closing establishments at an earlier hour would prevent continued congregation of large groups.

“All our fates are intertwined; she’s (Mayor Lori Lightfoot) made it clear that if there are bad actors among us they’re going to be fined, and if all of us are bad actors she’ll shut us down,” Scott Weiner, an owner of the Fifty/50 restaurant group told ABC7 Chicago.

“I love the leadership saying we’re going to set the example on how you do reopen.”

The public can still order delivery, or curbside pickup past midnight. Restaurants who don’t have their liquor license are allowed to remain open past midnight.

In other news, many public facilities have recently reopened, including: the Lincoln Park Zoo, Brookview Zoo, and the Shedd Aquarium. Next Friday, the Field Museum will reopen to members, and on July 24, will reopen to non-members.

All facilities have implemented new safety and sanitary measures to ensure public safety.

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