Try To Stay Calm While We Tell You About These New Baby Yoda Toys

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Try To Stay Calm While We Tell You About These New Baby Yoda Toys

He’s too cute! Help!

Disney recently unveiled a series of new toys of The Child (AKA Baby Yoda) from the Mandalorian series and Lord help us, they’re too cute! The new toys– featured on Good Morning America– include a talking plush and regular plush, Pop Funko figures, an animatronic doll, and a The Child necklace.

baby yoda

The animatronic toy seems to be what has Star Wars fans most excited. He coos adorably when you speak to him with 25 unique sound and motion combinations. Pat him on his little head three times and The Child will use the Force, then promptly take a cute little nap to regain energy. The animatronic retails for $59.99 and is available on for pre-sale now.

This animatronic joins a series of other Baby Yoda merchandise released to satisfy the legion of fans who can’t get enough of his adorable green face. Also available for pre-order is The Child Plush ($24.99), The Child Talking Plush, and The Child Pop Funko figure ($12.99.)

Shipping of all the new toys will begin in May 2020, which is obviously way too far away. We want him now! Maybe if we all use our collective Force power, he’ll come out early? One can only hope.

Feature photo courtesy of Disney+ via online media kit.

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