Atomic Cakes: The Bombastic South Side Dessert That Combines Three Cakes Into One

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atomic cakes

This South Side delicacy combines chocolate, yellow and banana cakes into one staggering display of baked goodness.

If you’re a dessert lover you’ll find that Chicago’s Atomic Cakes are the bomb. To create these baked monuments, banana, yellow and chocolate cakes are united with layers of candied strawberries and fresh bananas with bavarian custard, only to be topped off by a thick, delicious layer of fudge and whipped cream frosting. A total flavor explosion, you can probably guess why these Banana Split tortes are popularly known as Atomic cakes. [Feature image:foodiessweetgoodies]

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While nobody knows who created Atomic cakes in the first place, these gargantuan desserts have been around since the 50s and remain a special treat in the lives of many Chicagoans. 


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Atomic Cakes are exclusive to South Side bakeries. For an authentically atomic experience, we suggest heading over to Weber’s Bakery, one of South Side’s oldest bakeries, and trying their Banana Split Torte which was featured on WGN’s Chicago’s Best!


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Be warned though, these gorgeous cakes are only sold in whole units! So make sure to put on your best pair of Thanksgiving pants when digging into one of these babies!


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