Artists Paint Positive Messages Along Boarded Up Shops In Chicago

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Artists Paint Positive Messages Along Boarded Up Shops In Chicago

Artists painted shop windows in a message of support for communities, small business owners, and the people of Chicago.

Amid the thousands of residents who have continued to show support and solidarity by peacefully protesting throughout the streets of Chicago, there were numbers of riotous out-of-state looters that damaged and stole from local businesses.

For these businesses – particularly on the South and West Side of Chicago — to salvage what remained of their stores, owners were forced to board their windows.

In support of these owners, as well as the people and communities of Chicago, artists have tagged peaceful messages along the boarded up windows along Chicago Ave.

We Are Strong People

Photo credit: @thekkrowd

Stay postitive!

Photo credit: @thekkrowd


Photo credit: @thekkrowd

In homage to George Floyd, and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, some artists have begun painting murals across the City of Chicago.

Together we stand.

Photo credit: @the.urban.canvas

Black Lives Matter.

Photo credit: @ the.urban.canvas

In addition to the protesting and artwork, other local organizations — such as My Block My Hood My City — have sought to help their communities by setting up fundraisers for small businesses, as well as organizing cleaning teams to help repair the damages.

If you are interested in donating money to small businesses, you can contribute to their fundraiser here, or if you’d like to be a part in their clean-up efforts, you can sign up here.

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[Featured image: @thekkrowd]

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