Celebrate The Adler Planetarium’s 90th Anniversary With Their Out-Of-This-World Virtual Exhibitions

These exhibits have us over the moon!

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Celebrate The Adler Planetarium’s 90th Anniversary With Their Out-Of-This-World Virtual Exhibitions

Here’s to many more light years to come!

In celebration of 90 years around the sun, the Adler Planetarium has launched a galaxy of virtual exhibitions for you to explore the Great Beyond!

“The Adler Planetarium – America’s First Planetarium – is more than a museum; it is a laboratory, a classroom, and a community exploring the Universe together,” their website reads. “Each year, over 550,000 visitors experience the museum’s interactive exhibitions, live planetarium shows, hands-on, minds-on STEM education programs, and world-class collections. The museum’s scientists, historians, and educators inspire the next generation of explorers and invite you to explore space with us.”

While its doors remain closed to the public during the state’s stay-at-home order, the Planetarium is still engaged light-speed ahead in its quest of intergalactic discovery. Explore their cosmic expositions through the deep space that is the internet!

“We’re all flying through space on the same little blue planet, and we’re all looking up at the same sky. So even though the Adler’s doors are closed for now, you can stay connected with the museum, with science and astronomy, with our universe—and with other people—exactly where you are,” reads their website.

Now, you can track your course through 12 of their cosmic exhibitions, including one dedicated solely to the near century of the Adler’s existence and place in history as America’s first planetarium.

On May 12, 1930, the Adler Planetarium opened its doors. The Adler has since brought a world of Earth explorers together to share the wonders of the universe.

“Under the heavens everything is interrelated, even as each of us to the other,” said founder and philanthropist, Max Adler in his presentation address many moons ago.

90 Years Of Stellar Connections tracks the Adler’s early technologies and their development over time, as well as its role in the Space Race of the 50s, with its Project Moonwatch Mission. Journey along as the exhibit takes you through time and space!

But that’s not all, you can also embark on an awe-inspiring series of Women In Science, an exhibit from Mars, and how one painter channeled the cosmos to create a Milky Way masterpiece.

Their other series include: Scientific Instruments, Voices of Apollo, Rare Books and Works on Paper, Archives, Imagine the Moon, Picturing Women in Astronomy and Space Explorationand Pictures in the Sky — a remarkable exposition on how the human imagination helped shaped the stars into constellations that would live forever in religion, culture, and art.

In addition to their virtual exhibitions, the Adler has also created a constellation of other online options for you to stay in their orbit, including a blog, podcast, and weekly skywatch!

Check out their immensity of online features and thank your lucky stars for the Adler Planetarium!

[Featured image: @Erik Marthaler via Adler Planetarium Facebook]

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