Grammy Award-Winning 2-Chainz Will Take To A Chicago Stage This Weekend

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Grammy Award-Winning 2-Chainz Will Take To A Chicago Stage This Weekend

Revel in rapping royalty as the summer sun sets on a Chicago super venue this weekend.

This Saturday, August 14, one of the world’s most-watched rappers on the Hip-Hop scene comes to Chicago for a historic night of musical pandemonium.

Cross Pointe Park will host the Grammy award-winning 2 Chainz along with several other artists including Yo Gotti, Plies, and Jacquees for Chicago’s one-off Summer Meltdown concert.

For this one night only, iconic Hip-Hop and R‘n’B tracks will echo around Cross Pointe Park beneath the summer sky from 5 pm until 11 pm. Hosted by Money Maha and Ren Goboyz, performances will be taking place throughout the day whilst merrymaking unravels around the thrilling outdoor venue.

Food, drinks, and concessions will be scattered around so guests can feast and drink to their own delight whilst taking in the stunning performances.

As the sun sets, beats and bars will have you bouncing to music from the astounding array of talent before 2 Chainz finishes up the night with a powerful performance of his own.

With numerous tracks featuring Drake, Kanye West, Little Wayne, Pharrell Williams, and Travis Scott, 2 Chainz has taken his own path to prosperity making his way to the top. Thanks to his consistency, laid-back flow, and witty one-liners the Georgia native is now one of the world’s most-watched rappers.

General admission starts at $69.99 whilst VIP tickets can ensure priority placement up close and personal in front of the stage.

Don’t miss this one-off summer gig by securing a spot today!

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