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The Old Joliet Prison Near Chicago Will Open As A Terrifying Haunted House Experience This Weekend

Would you dare to set foot in this haunted abandoned prison?

By Secret Chicago

The Old Joliet Prison Near Chicago Will Open As A Terrifying Haunted House Experience This Weekend

The Old Joliet Haunted Prison opens to the public on September 18!

This Halloween thrill-seekers and horror movie enthusiasts in Chicago are in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will startle all five senses.

The huge Joliet Correctional Center, known colloquially as Joliet Prison, will soon open as a haunted house just in time for the 2021 Halloween season and it looks utterly terrifying.

If you are fascinated by the tales of purportedly haunted places, get a buzz from exploring abandoned buildings, and wish to celebrate this Halloween with more than a costume party, this is for you. For there will be few Halloween experiences spookier than a trip to what will be Chicagoland’s first and only haunted house inside a real abandoned prison.

The Joliet Prison, which was originally built as a women’s prison in 1896, closed in 2002 and lay abandoned for years until it was opened for paranormal and ghost hunting tours in 2018.

Fans of the paranormal have visited the haunted prison and claimed tormented voices can still be heard echoing around the prison’s walls. Whatever you choose to believe, the stories of notorious inmates and violent deaths during the days Old Joliet Prison was active are enough to make your hairs stand on. Entering these eerie confines, however, provides another experience entirely.


October 11, 2020: Cell blocks in the Old Joliet State Prison

The innovators of national haunted attractions, 13th Floor Entertainment Group, will now breathe life back into the old prison and open it this month as one of the most exciting (and terrifying) Halloween attractions in the state.

Prepare to tiptoe down the prison’s long-abandoned creepy corridors, peek inside the bleak prison cells from years gone by, and have your pulse race as you look anxiously over your shoulder for the next fright.

October 11, 2020: Death row cells inside the Old Joliet State Prison

Located in the annex building at 401 Woodruff Road in Joliet, the prison has become a famous landmark over the year for its iconic castellated gothic architecture and its appearances in television, film, and literature.

The limestone structure’s interior and exterior have featured frequently in film and television including the motion picture The Blues Brothers, the gangster movie White Heat, Bob Odenkirk’s 2006 comedy Let’s Go to Prison, and as “Fox River State Penitentiary” in the first season of Fox Network’s Prison Break television show, among others.

October 11, 2020: The Chapel at the Old Joliet State Prison

Head to hauntedprison.com for more information or to Instagram and Facebook for more photos.

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