Cocktails And Cakeshakes Await At Wrigleyville’s Over-The-Top Christmas Pop-Up Bar

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Cocktails And Cakeshakes Await At Wrigleyville’s Over-The-Top Christmas Pop-Up Bar

Featuring Atomic Yule Logs and Red Velvet Cakeshakes!

Wrigleyville’s favorite Christmas pop-up has returned to Chicago and is putting the rest to shame. The immersive Christmas pop-up has once again taken over Deuce’s Major League Bar and covered a revamped patio head-to-toe and wall-to-wall with an exorbitant amount of Christmas decorations. But the Santa Baby Pop-Up‘s decorations aren’t the only thing that bring a wow-factor, an equally impressive array of extraordinary drinks and snacks make up a sublime Christmas menu.

Mega-Merry-Milkshakes will certainly have you forgetting all about the chaos of 2020.  The “Red Velvet Cakeshake” comes with an entire slice of red velvet cake, whipped cream, sprinkles, and an optional “booze buddy” whilst the “Gingerman” comes loaded with gingerbread spiced ice cream, gumdrops, candy, and Christmas lollipops.

The cocktails are just as extravagant and while you won’t want to share an Elf Fashioned or a Merry Manhattan there are large-format sharable Christmas-themed cocktails like the Jingle Juice, The Clausmo, or the Mega Yule Mule perfect to share with couples or friends. A selection of the best holiday beers also awaits your festive cheers!

Whilst there will be neither Santa nor carol-singers this year, some sensational snacks will certainly have your taste buds singing. Order the “Atomic Yule Logs” and you’ll find yourself enjoying three cheese sticks covered in Flamin’ Hot Cheetoh crust and Sriracha dust. The  “Christmas Dinner Sliders” meanwhile, consist of turkey burger sliders topped with cranberry mustard and stuffing, served with marshmallow creme-covered sweet potato fries.

The pop-up has revamped multiple outdoor spaces to accommodate for the ban on indoor dining but will also operate with strict health and safety measures to make sure a clean, safe, and healthy environment is maintained so the festive joy can be safely enjoyed. As well as an outdoor dining only event, Santa Baby Pop-Up Bar has reduced its capacity, introduced limited time slots, and made masks mandatory. Hand sanitizer stations, distanced seating, and safety barriers will also make it a safe and Covid-friendly Christmas event.

There will be plenty of opportunities to take photos with the extravagant decorations and with Christmas-themed cocktails served in Santa boots and other ornaments, there is no place better for those festive snaps.

The pop-up will be free during the week but will be $20 per person on weekends and special days like Christmas eve. Families with children will be allowed in throughout the festive season up until 9 pm each evening.

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