A Pop-Up Meme Museum Is Open In Humboldt Park

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A Pop-Up Meme Museum Is Open In Humboldt Park

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While everything that could have gone wrong has pretty much gone wrong in 2020, there is one thing to take solace in: at least we have our memes. Is it a fad? Is it art? Find out for yourself at 6th Dimension’s Pop-Up Meme Exhibit in Humboldt Park. [Featured image: @rackle.art]

“Life is but a MEME!” 6th Dimension Space wrote on its event page. “Come and explore the funniest Meme’s circulating the web and compiled together in an exhibition full of homourous and relatable MEMES! The Meme Museum is hosted at The 6th Dimension Space + Gallery with 2 Full Stories worth of MEMES and Humor!”

The pop-up opened at the 6th Dimension Space in late August, and will continue to run until September 27. Admission is free for the exhibition, although visitors must make 90-minute reservations beforehand. VIP tickets are available for purchase for visitors 21 and over from 10 pm – midnight that include access to mini bar and fridge. 20 visitors will be allowed in at a time.

Included at the exhibit will be a line of meme-based apparel available for purchase. There will also be a small cafe inside for refreshments.

The 6th Dimension Space, which regularly hosts pop-up events throughout the year, will be morphing their space into a Museum of Terror in mid October. Just when horror season is in full tilt, the Museum of Terror will open and unleash its dreaded assortment of supernatural haunts, creepypastas, and — being on-brand and all — some horror MEMES. Tickets for the Museum of Terror are now available.

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