Dine In Total Darkness At This Thrilling Multi-Sensory Haunted Dinner Experience

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Dine In Total Darkness At This Thrilling Multi-Sensory Haunted Dinner Experience

This isn’t your average dinner party.

Imagine. You’re seated at a table in a room shrouded in darkness. You tremulously reach for your glass. It’s all too eerie, but the first of three courses has just been served — seemingly out of thin air — and already your senses are reeling. There’s an air of ominousness, but your taste buds have never been this heightened before, and with food this tantalizing, you can’t leave. This is the Haunted Dining in the Dark experience.

Eminent psychologists have long advocated dining in the dark as the ultimate gastronomic experience and an amplified way to enjoy food in all of its flavor. With Halloween approaching, the popular Dining in the Dark experiences will take the experience even further into the unknown with a terrifying transformation this coming October.

You would think that these mysterious experiences sufficiently swindled your senses dining in darkness but now the popular experience is receiving an ominous overhaul for the return of its Haunted Dining in the Dark season.

Chicagoans far and wide will be given the chance to discover what goes on in the darkness while enjoying a banquet that will both dazzle and daze your senses.

These eerie dinners promise to “elevate your meal to a whole new level”, with darkened surroundings leaving just you and your taste buds to enjoy a sensational dish served in the haunted hollows of River North.

You will be served three exquisite courses paired with curated wines. As with the restaurant, the dishes will remain a secret until the end of the meal. There will be a variety of menu options that cater to dietary considerations, should you have any. Throughout the meal, a multiplicity of chilling effects will be deployed to create a haunting atmosphere and excite your senses further..

Haunted Dinner in the Dark will take place on Tuesdays through Sundays at Hubbard Inn’s elegant MASQ setup in River North. Starting on October 15, tickets are now at $89 a head and you can grab them here! Patrons must be 21 years of age or older.

Are you willing to take a shot in the dark? Do so here.

Haunted Dining In The Dark

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