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Explore Behind The Screams With A Halloween Extravaganza In Chicago’s Science Museum

By Elliot McGowan

Explore Behind The Screams With A Halloween Extravaganza In Chicago’s Science Museum

Celebrate Halloween with trick or treating, smashingly fun science, and much more at Boo Fest 2020!

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is hosting two weeks of Halloween fun for two weeks starting 17th October. Boo fest is sure to be an event like no other and people of all ages are invited to come and experience a fully transformed exhibit space. A decorated pathway will be created through the museum to make your visit an eerier one than usual. Wander through the Museum’s collection and ogle at the curiosities within but beware of the odd spooky spectacle! Trick-or-treating chutes will be stationed at various spots throughout the museum and some physically-distanced goodies will be sent down the slides making sure nobody will be missing out on trick or treating this year but at the same time keeping things safe!


The family-friendly event will last from October 17th until 1st November with a special MSI Members-only day on the 29th of October. Trick or treating, smashingly fun science, and more are waiting to be discovered during Boo Fest. MSI staff will be on hand to guarantee enjoyment for all. Trick-or-treat goodies sliding down chutes is only one part of the physically distanced fun. Live Pumpkin Drop events will happen with MSI staff stationed on a balcony providing a messy demonstration on gravity. Other members of staff will be dissecting cow-eyeballs in an informative lab experience and an oozy slime experiment will complete the line-up for those who dare.


Additional tickets are available to access the museum’s facilitated learning labs where real science tools and techniques can be used. Analyze the notes, fingerprints, and left behind by a roaming werewolf in the Crime Lab Werewolf Files, or try your hands at designing and building a bridge to escape the Headless Horseman in the Engineering Design Sleepy Hollow.



The specially decorated “Behind the Screams” exhibit will look at the Museum’s creepy curiosities but it’s also sure to be seriously safe as well as sufficiently spooky. Trick-or-treats are safely delivered through shoots and limited capacity measures will be in place. Timed-entry tickets and other protocols will allow for a comfortable and spacious experience while ensuring a scarily good time inside the prestigious museum grounds.


Make sure to get into the spirit. Dress up, bring a bag, and be ready to explore. Everyone over the age of 2 must wear a face-covering in addition to their costume!


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