Chicago’s Annual Santa-Driven CTA Train Takes To The Tracks Today!

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Chicago’s Annual Santa-Driven CTA Train Takes To The Tracks Today!

Even Santa takes the L!

One of Chicago’s favorite Christmas events kicks off today but it will be a little different from usual. Of all Chicago’s magical light shows and amazing annual events Santa’s holiday train trip around Chicago is always one of the most eagerly anticipated providing affordable fun for all Chicago families. The Chicago Transit Authority’s train and bus are decorated inside and out with festive decorations and thousands of lights to make them glow as they glide and glimmer around Chicago.

Though there have been some inevitable changes this year the mere sight of the CTA Holiday Train or Holiday Bus is enough to brighten anyone’s day and this year we all certainly need that extra bit of Christmas cheer! While in years gone by passengers have been serenaded by the jolly elves and invited on board, this year the CTA Holiday Train will be “out of service” with no passengers in order to keep the event safe and socially distanced.

Santa and his elves will still be showing up all across Chicago with Santa and his reindeer upfront in his open-air sleigh so excited onlookers can still safely greet Santa from afar! The train will also continue its decades-old tradition of donating food baskets to local community organizations as it whizzes around Chicagoland. Families can look out for the holiday train which will travel all 8 lines starting from Friday, November 27 through December 21. Below is a break down of information taken from the Chicago Transit Authority’s website:

Holiday Train

  • Green Line: November 27-28, December 1
  • Brown Line: December 2-5
  • Orange Line: December 2-5
  • Red Line: December 8, 10 and 12
  • Purple Line: December 9, 11 and 12
  • Pink Line: December 15, 16 and 19
  • Blue Line: December 17-19
  • Yellow Line: December 21

Holiday Bus

  • December 1-2: #56 Milwaukee
  • December 3: #91 Austin/#92 Foster
  • December 4: #22 Clark
  • December 5: #22 Clark/#97 Skokie
  • December 8-9: #66 Chicago
  • December 10: #126 Jackson
  • December 11-12: #12 Roosevelt
  • December 15-16: #62 Archer
  • December 17: #49 Western/#X49 Western Express
  • December 18: #79 79th
  • December 19: #3 King Drive
  • December 22: #28 Stony Island
  • December 23: #29 State
  • December 24: #J14 Jeffery Jump

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