20 Mesmerizing Photos Of This Fall’s Chicagohenge Phenomenon

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20 Mesmerizing Photos Of This Fall’s Chicagohenge Phenomenon

The bi-annual event occurs for the spring and fall equinox.

It is very unlikely your social media feed hasn’t already been overflowing with glowing orange photos of Chicago’s natural phenomenon dubbed ‘Chicagohenge.’ Named after the famous prehistoric boulder formation in Wiltshire, England, Chicagohenge takes place twice a year for the spring and fall equinox. Due to Chicago being built on a grid system and streets lining up near perfectly on compass north to south and east to west, the sun lines up with Chicago’s east-west facing streets and beams down the heart of the city.

The magic of nature and Chicago’s glorious architecture collaborate harmoniously to put on a breathtaking spectacle that people from all over come to witness. Of all those who look forward to this bi-annual event, it’s Chicago’s array of talented photographers who are among the first to have it penned in the diary.

Despite the weather not hindering the views at times, there were plenty of incredible photos from this Henge Week. Though nothing matches seeing the setting sun beam down the artificial valleys of downtown Chicago in person, we’ve here rounded up 20 of our favorite photos for those who weren’t there to experience it or for those who just simply want to relive it!

[Featured image from Instagram / @t_heis25]

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